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Unlock your most powerful asset. Your people.

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102 billion dollars per year are wasted in energy, solid waste, and water in US corporations alone.

Sustain rewards and incentivizes employees to conserve more at work, save their companies money and reduce its carbon footprint. By creating mini gig economies within corporations, and aligning company initiatives with daily actions Sustain allows companies to unlock their most powerful asset, their people.

Improve Earnings

  • Sustainability used to be driven by ethics, today it is driven by economics.
  • Save 40+% on waste costs.
  • Save 5-10% on energy costs by making your people your automation system.

Reduce Footprint

  • Reduced energy consumption means a reduced footprint that you can count on.
  • Power your sustainability initiatives at scale, from your desk.
  • Make your entire company part of the "green team".

Retain Talent

  • Appeal to a workforce that cares about WHO you are just as much as WHAT you do.
  • The extra tool you need to attract and keep a skilled workforce.
  • Meet your most popular employee benefit, that, that benefits your bottom line.

Connect Data

We track the overall progress of your energy, waste, and water standings, no hardware needed. We also have an IOT marketplace for deeper sets of connectivity.

Set Initiatives

Set and track goals the matter to you and your CEO through initiatives. Commit to a company-wide initiative, then empower and incentivize your employees with our pre-built Campaigns and the Gig Board.

Post Gigs

Tell your people what they can do to help meet sustainability goals-and reward them in the process- with the Gig Board. Gig's take 15 minutes or less and can be done by anyone.

Run Campaigns

Our pre-built campaigns get the message out about initiatives for the company, and specific goals at the facility or building level. Campaigns keep your entire company engaged in what your doing and why it's important.


Not everyone is motivated the same way. Sustain learns about each employee and creates incentives for them, empowering them to make a difference- regardless of their viewpoint on sustainability.

Report Results

Track your progress, and report results with three simple reports the cover financial impact, employee engagement, and sustainability metrics.

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